Fun DIY Valentine Packaging for two!

Melinda Tomasello Valentine Packaging

Are you looking for different ways to package some fun things for your Valentine?  Here’s one idea to package some candy and popcorn for two, using D&P Celebration’s “Love Birds” square graphics created by Dawn Rumin. Melinda Tomasello Valentine DIY Gift Packaging Idea

Here’s what you will need: 2 plastic baskets (JoAnn’s Crafts) 2 red binder clips (Office Maxx) 34” of 1 1/2” Ribbon (Hobby Lobby) Graphics (D&P Celebrations) Sticker paper ~ to print graphics on It’s very easy to put together. First fill the bottom basket with goodies.  I used cello bags filled with colorful popcorn and positioned a gift card on top of them.  To create the gift card, print the “Love Bird Square” graphic on card stock and cut to size.  Next, place the other basket on top, creating a cage or box like effect.  To keep everything closed, use two binder clips, one each on the ends of the baskets.  Then, tie the ribbon across the basket into a bow on the side.  To complete and decorate, place the “Love Bird Sticker” on top of the ribbon.

Melinda Tomasello Valentine Gift Packaging Popcorn

Melinda Tomasello Valentine Packaging

Melinda Tomasello DIY Valentine Packaging

Melnda Tomasello Valentine Packaging

This would be great for a movie night or slumber parties!  Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day! ~ Melinda Created for a DIY Valentine’s Day Packaging challenge, using D&P Celebration’s Love Bird Graphics.
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