Lagniappe ~ {Product Photography Featuring a Collection of Free Printables}

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Lagniappe ~ A little some extra.  As Persona Designs, Inc., Pam Grimes and I created numerous printables for almost every occasion.    A printable is a graphic design element that you download and print from your home computer.  They have many uses, from decorating gifts and party favors to festive party decorations and stationery.  I wanted to put them in a four part series for easy access.  Part one includes:

1. Random Acts of Kindness”~ a picture and bookmark (Persona Designs).

2. “Sundry Soiree Chocolates” (Melinda Tomasello) and “Powered by Chocolate”  (Persona Designs).  Both are mini candy bar wrappers.

3. LargeWelcomehang tag (Melinda Tomasello).  This would be great placed on a pineapple or a bottle of wine to give as a welcome gift.

4. “Get Well Soon” (Soooon) ensemble consists of a soup can label, Gatorade label, banner, gift card, and a label to cover a small package of tissues (Persona Designs).

5. “You’re the Best” stationery cards. Includes two variations orange with radiant orchid and orange with hot pink (Melinda Tomasello).  To obtain the printables see Today’s Creative Life.

Photo note: all of these images were shot in various settings and masked out to create that crisp clean look.   When shooting products, you want to get the perfect angle.  Be careful not to lose important product information.

These printables are free for you to download and use.  I ask in return that you follow me on my various social media pages facebook (Melinda Tomasello), twitter (@Melinda_K_Tom), Instagram (melinda_k_tom )  and Pinterest (mtomasello).

Thank you and le bon ton roulet!! ~Melinda


  1. Jennifer says:

    THANKS so much for the cute and useful freebies!!!!


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