Summer Fun Picnic ~ Photo Faves

Fun Summer Picnic photos by Melinda Tomasello

I love teaming up with my fellow lady bloggers on creative photo shoots.  It’s always fun to see everything come together too!  Recently I collaborated with Melissa Creates, The Flair Exchange and Sarah Hearts for a Fun Summer Picnic.  You never know what unique things will come from a brainstorming session when you get some creative bloggers together.

We all met up several weeks ago for lunch to discuss what our contributions to the photo shoot would be.   As a result, Melissa made melon ball skewers and found the perfect table linens, Carmen prepared Gin and Grapefruit Raddler cocktails and provided the adorable balloons, Sara created the printable invites and the painted vases for the centerpieces, and I designed the mini sandwich cakes and mini cake plates.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the shoot!

Melinda Tomasello's Mini Sandwich Cake

This is Sarah, holding my mini sandwich cake and my mini cake plate.    It was my first time to do a project with her, she is so sweet and I love her creativity!  Thank you Sarah for modeling this for me, you were awesome!

Melinda Tomasello's Mini Sandwich Cake image 2

This was also my first time to make the mini version of my sandwich cake.  In addition, I needed to create a small plate stand too.  On Today’s Creative Life, I will share how to make both the stand and the cake.  These are perfect for baby or wedding showers in addition to being a nice summer picnic alternative.

The Flair Exchange's Tiny Balloons with Melissa Creates- photo by Melinda Tomasello

I just love these tiny balloons.  They are SUPER cute and one of the new items at The Flair Exchange web shop.  Can you guess who is modeling them?  If you have followed my work or my blog, then you know it’s Melissa.  We have worked together many times over the years.  She is a delight and so much fun to work with too.  In the image I took a little artistic liberty in Photoshop and emphasized the color of her red hair.

The Flair Exchange's Cocktails- image by Melinda Tomasello

Rounding out the day were the Gin and Grapefruit Raddler cocktails prepared by Carmen of the Flair Exchange.  I like how this image is so simple and colorful containing so many eye popping photo elements from the orange color and the flower components in the foreground to the details in the jewelry.

Melinda Tomasello photography selfie with mini sandwich cake

I just have to share my private selfie.  It’s me modeling my favorite ring from Monarch Jewelry.  Be sure to visit Monarch Jewelry’s website and blog to see more about their stunning jewelry collections.


On a final note, I did shoot a video but the ladies would kill me if I published it.  I can tell you that Melissa showed how to do the Moonwalk… priceless.  Love it!!!! Carmen did a video too, yet it’s one you can watch.  It is adorable and you get to see how the tablescape all comes together. {link to video}

Make certain that you check out the DIY tablescapes from: Melissa’s melon ball skewers, Sarah’s printable invites and hand dipped vases, and Carmen’s cocktails + see her shop.

Thank you ladies and Monarch Jewelry for making this photo shoot a success!!!


  1. Thank you for photographing the shoot! It’s always a pleasure working with you, friend! xo


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