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And the Beat Goes On...

June 27, 2023

Melinda Tomasello Art and the Beat Goes On Blog Post

It’s about time that I created a new blog post.  Since my last blog entry in October of 2021, lots of life altering stuff has taken place. There were months that I did not have the desire to create… imagine that!  I have always been a creator, personally and professionally. Over the past year as things settled, I completed many projects unrelated to painting such as making chocolates, planning events, and reworking my studio.

These are some pics from this transitional journey.

melinda tomasello creative projects

Now, I am back in my studio taking a deep dive into various painting projects. Many of these are posted on my Instagram page.  My inspiration comes from a lot of different places.  However, two of my favorite sources for inspiration consist of Olga Furman’s Paint Your Heart and Soul and Este’ MacLeod’s #coloricombo.  I am continuously learning various new techniques and styles from an array of artists from around the globe on a weekly basis.  The art instructors for the on-line courses are hand selected by artist, Olga Furman, and I have been participating in these lessons on and off over the past five years. 

Here are a few of my favorite PYHAS pieces. 

melinda tomasello paint your heart and soul art

One important factor about my work is that I love “color”. I took color theory in college, and I am just as intrigued about color today as I was back then.  When I discovered Este’ MacLeod’s coloricombos, I was both impressed and overjoyed.  Este’ creates unique color prompts on a weekly basis and they are fun and artistically thought provoking.  Before stumbling on her color challenges, I had been in pursuit of finding distinctive color variations.  

To illustrate, here are some of my #coloricombo works of art.  

melinda tomasello coloricombo faves

While I do not attempt every color challenge or PYHAS lesson, I pretty much go where my spirit takes me.  I have learned via Kate Shepherd’s “Creative Genius Podcast” that this term is called “flow state”.  In the spirit of flow state, I am back constantly trying new techniques and evolving yet again as an artist and a happy person.  I hope you will join me as my art journey continues.

 ...and the beat goes on!

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