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Just Call Me Mrs. Christmas! ~ Special Holiday Collection Preview

September 12, 2021

First off, let me just say "I LOVE Christmas!" As a child, my mother would sew jingle bells in my dresses because I refused to wear anything that didn't jingle - leave it to my creative self!😊 I memorized all of my favorite Christmas Carols and I loved having my photo taken with Santa (the photo below was taken with Santa when I was 8 years old).  I would later earn the honorable title from my family as "Mrs. Christmas!"

Vintage Santa pic with Melinda Tomasello Art

A few years ago, I captured all of my Christmas memories with a slide show, including family photos, Christmas trees throughout the years and best of all those Santa pics!  Nowadays, I dress in red and green during that time of year, and I have been known to wear a jingle bell or two! Be sure to check out my sparkly shoes in the section below.

And what is Christmas without Santa? To me, Santa represents hope for a better tomorrow. I know times are difficult, but it is nice to escape into a magical place if only for a moment. I created my "Modern Santa" to be just that, to look magical with a touch of modern whimsy. My wish is that when you look into those sparkling eyes, you feel that same magic and hope for the future.Modern Santa Throw Pillow by Melinda Tomasello Art

Adding some festive flair to the living room is my "Modern Santa" throw pillow. This versatile design can be incorporated into any type of home decor - from modern to vintage farmhouse.

Over the past several years, I have been drawn back to my artistic roots, so it just made sense to create a holiday collection featuring three of my original Christmas paintings. For me, Christmas is about fun, color, and making the home festive and bright for the family. I usually don't mix up themes or change color schemes from year to year. My tradition and style is a combination of red and green hues with some sparkle thrown in. My "Whimsical Poinsettia" painting embodies the style of my home for the holidays. This design consists of bright and bold reds and greens with accents of sparkling gold and whimsical swooshes. Here's a close up of my red sparkly shoes as I stand on the "Whimsical Poinsettias" welcome doormat.

Whimsical Poinsettia Welcome Mat Melinda Tomasello Art

The last but not least this original holiday painting is a design for the young and "young at heart" called "Santa Llama on the Beach." With that sweet face and fun beach theme, the Santa Llama is sure to add a fun festive flair to your family activities. TIP: Hang a Santa Llama beach towel on the wall for a super quick and easy way to decorate your child's bedroom for the holidays.

Santa Llama on the Beach Towel Melinda Tomasello Art


Be sure to check out the "2021 Holiday Designer Gift Collection" which not only includes the products shown here but also other home decor items, stationery products, fun activities, and more. . . all with a modern flair and an artistic approach that will have everyone feeling festive.


Stay safe everyone,

Mrs. Christmas (Melinda)


P.S. I will share more about my fun summer at a later date, but for now I hope you will check out my website ( and the "Holiday Gift Boutique" in my Zazzle shop. 

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