The Story Behind the Art ~ Kitty the Blue Purple Tabby Cat

May 28, 2021

Kitty the Blue Purple Tabby Cat by Melinda Tomasello

Meet Kitty…

My daughter found Kitty when she was just days old, her eyes were still closed.  She was sickly and abandoned by her mom. The Florida summer heat was in the high 90’s and she was exposed to the elements - we didn't expect her to live. But, my determined daughter brought her home, took excellent care of her and she thrived! When Kitty was about 7 she broke her front leg - her leg was not able to be repaired even though we tried numerous times. However, that didn’t stop her and she lived a happy life for 12 years.

Jaclyn with Kitty napping

Here's a picture of my daughter posing with Kitty while she is trying to take one of her cat power naps. 

Kitty the inspiration behind the artwork by Melinda Tomasello Art

This is my favorite picture of Kitty taken a few Christmas’ ago. I used this picture as my inspiration to create the Blue Purple Tabby Cat painting given to my daughter Jaclyn for her birthday. As for Christmas, I believe that was Kitty’s favorite time of year; she loved hanging out and taking naps under the Christmas tree!

Close up of Kitty the Blue Purple Tabby Cats Eyes by Melinda Tomasello Arte Purple

Kitty was a tabby cat and for many years was long and lean. She passed away last year during COVID due to cancer. She was extremely precious to our family. While painting her, I placed hearts in her eyes to symbolize the love she had for us and vice versa. 

Jigsaw Puzzle of Kitty the Blue Purple Tabby Cat by Melinda Tomasello Art

When selecting artwork for my various puzzles, this piece pulled at my heart. I just had to turn our precious little girl into a puzzle for all to share in her love. Click here to see the puzzle sizes of Kitty. She was such an inspiration to me and our entire family due to her strength, perseverance and love. I hope that this puzzle will touch you the way it did me when I created it.  

Shop my Puzzle Boutique for this and my other pet art puzzles - they also make great décor for children's rooms and nurseries. The puzzles range in size from 8" x 10" to 20" x 30", with piece counts of 30 - 1014.

May you all be graced with the strength and love of my Purple Blue Tabby Cat Kitty. ~ Melinda

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