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Traveling Lite ~ Mini Art Studio

June 15, 2021

Travel Size Mini Art Studio by Melinda Tomasello Art

In my previous post "Puzzles on the Go," I mentioned that I have been doing some traveling this summer. I recently went back to my home state of Texas and enjoyed seeing my family and friends. Even though COVID is slowing down, I was still careful and kept my visits and gatherings very small and to a minimum. It was wonderful seeing everyone again and I had some great conversations about art and puzzles, along with other local topics. 

Since it had been a month or so since I painted anything, I started to get the itch to paint again. I brought a few of my traveling painting supplies with me and I picked up more along the way. My main goal was to travel light - this makes it easy to bring your studio with you wherever you go!


mini travel art kit ideas by Melinda Tomasello Art


For those of you like me that love to paint or if you are thinking about it, here are some traveling art supplies that I recommend: 

- traveling watercolor set

- a few different sizes of paint brushes for details, large areas, with various shapes and widths

- a watercolor journal and pad

- bi-colored pencils (these are two colors in one pencil) ~ love these!

- a metal pencil sharpener

- mechanical pencils, fine line marker and white gel pens

- gold and silver foil flakes

-  Aleene’s Tacky Glue Pen

-  stencil brush set

- eraser 

I enjoy repurposing items that would normally be thrown away (an example of this is the water cup made from a recycled water bottle). Also, the vinyl bag that I use as the carrying case for my traveling art supplies is actually vinyl packaging from a shower curtain bag.

melinda tomasello traveling art paintings


These are just a few closeup pictures of the paintings that I created during my visit.  Seen here are a few variations of some of the Texas wild flowers including Brown Eyed Susan and Buttercups.

Hopefully, this offers a little inspiration or helps spark your own imagination.  I posted some of the art pieces that I created during my travels in my Instagram Stories. Be sure to follow me on Instagram ( @melindatomaselloart ) to get a glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes and what I’m up to next.

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